Miley Cyrus

It’s really hard to keep up with all the changes in love life of Miley Cyrus. She had a lot of boyfriends and short term relationships. Most recently, Miley dated American fashion model and actor Kellan Lutz. But the couple didn’t last long. According to latest informations, they already broke up and Cyrus is once again single. Check out also boyfriend lists of Emily Ratajkowski, Vanessa Hudgens, and Taylor Swift.

Miley Cyrus – List of (ex) boyfriends
Kellan Lutz 2013-2014, actor and model
Liam Hemsworth 2009-2013, actor / engaged
Justin Gaston 2008-2009, actor, singer, model
Thomas Sturges 2008, student
Adam G Sevani 2008, dancer and actor
Nick Jonas 2006-2007, singer
Dylan Sprouse 2006, actor

Her previous love was special. She stayed with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth for several years and the couple was also engaged. It was Miley’s longest relationship so far. If you want to check on her complete dating history from her teenage years until 2014, read the chart below. Stay tuned for new updated on Myley’s love life. We sure bring more updates very soon.