Matthew Gray Gubler

Hot model and actor Matthew Gray Gubler is single in 2014. In July 2013, he was rumored to be dating singer Taylor Swift since he was spending time in Swift’s apartment on the 4th of July. However, both agreed that they are just good friends. It seems that Taylor searched Matthew on Facebook and sent him a massage. Than they had a dinner which started all those rumors even before 4th of July. Check out also girlfriend lists of Joseph Morgan, Ryan Gosling, and Orlando Bloom.

Matthew Gray Gubler – List of (ex) girlfriends
Victoria Asher 2010, singer
Marisa Morris 2008-2010, actress
Kat Dennings 2007, actress
Charlotte Kemp Muhl 2004-2005, model
Eve Wind ?, singer

As you can see from Gubler’s girlfriend list above, surprisingly he has pretty long dating history! Although it seems that since breakup with singer Victoria Asher in 2010, actor Matthew Gubler is single. Gubler’s longest relationship was with actress Marisa Morris and the couple was together almost two years. Gubler was also dating runway model Charlotte Kemp Muhl for one year. Most known relationship however Matthew had with actress Kat Dennings, who after half year broke up with Mathew because of her much much older yoga trainer. According to some gossips, Dennings ended alone – not great move Kat!

Matthew Gray Gubler is popular American actor. He is mostly known for his role Dr. Spencer Reid in the TV series Criminal Minds. Most recently Gubler played in movies like Excision, Hot Air and Magic Valley. Gubler, before he got famous as actor, was working as a male model for fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger. Matthew has more talents than anyone can imagine, he also likes to direct. As a matter of fact, he directed some episodes in Criminal Minds on his own!