Kat Dennings

Who is currently dating hot 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings? Her current boyfriend in 2014 is still Nick Zano. Young actor who is guest starring on 2 Broke Girls. Their relationship is lasting through several years and survived also one little scandal in 2013. Dennings went out with rapper Drake and some rumors were traveling super fast. Kat however instisted that that was “non-date hang out” and it was just once. Nothing intimate was going on between those two. Check out also boyfriend lists of Kate Upton, Lucy Pinder, and Chelsea Handler.

Kat Dennings – List of (ex) boyfriends
Nick Zano 2011-present (2014), actor
Tom Hiddleston 2010, actor
Ryan Gosling 2009-2010, actor
Matthew Gray Gubler 2007, actor
Ira Wood 2005-2007, actor

If you check on Kat’s dating history above, that is listing all of her loves and break ups, you can spot something interesting. Dennings is dating only fellow actors, including Tom Hiddleston and Ryan Gosling. All of her five boyfriends so far, were professional actors. Well if you are interested in dating Kat, you now know what your first step should be. But first you would have to surpass Nick Zano and that would be hard – it’s so far her longest relationship.