Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte McKinney is a rising star and recently got into spotlight for her Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial where she promotes all-natural burger and wears nothing. Who is dating this hot model with an incredible body? We have to disappoint you. If Charlotte dates somebody right now, she certainly knows how to keep her privacy. No current or former boyfriend is publicly known at this time. But beauty like this certainly dated someone, right? Check out more complete boyfriend lists of Kate Upton, Alexandra Daddario, and Katy Perry.

Charlotte McKinney – List of (ex) boyfriends
No known boyfriend or husband 0

Charlotte McKinney is often titles “Next Kate Upton” and you can easily see the resemblance. Both are beautiful blonde models that don’t hesitate to bare their skin and both have incredibly large natural breasts. In this last discipline Charlotte even trumps Kate. As her dating life remains private, we at least hope she will pose soon for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. So far, McKinney stunned her fans in commercial for brands like Guess and Carl’s Jr.